Protect Your Roof by Thinking Long-term

Roof Cleaning & Treatment with Roof-A-Cide

Black mold & stains discolor roofs throughout the US, making them look old and worn out when they're really not! This distracts from the aesthetics and value of the property. Repeated cleaning can cause unnecessary damage and accelerate the aging of the roof leading to higher maintenance costs and premature replacement.

Roof-A­-Cide® cost-effectively keeps roofs looking like new year after year and eliminates the need for repeated cleaning!

Roofs are a prime example. If properly installed and maintained, a quality roof should be expected to last at least 25-30 years (in some cases, up to 50 years). Unfortunately, many roofs are in need of major repair or replacement after ONLY 12-15 years - or roughly 50% of the expected life of the roof.

WHY? Roof damage associated with cleaning is a major cause of unnecessary expense and premature replacement of a roof system!

While relatively inexpensive in the short-term, the repeated use of high pressure and / or harsh chemicals can damage the roof surface and, more importantly, can cause extensive damage to the underlying weatherproofing. The long-term costs are then greatly increased.

With each additional cleaning, the chances of broken tiles, shingle damage, damage to the roof membrane, roof leaks, and premature replacement of the roof are increased.

For over 25 years, Roof-A-Cide® is the only cost-effective alternative that eliminates the damage caused by repeated roof cleaning!

For Roof-A-Cide® customers, property damage is a thing of the past. We clean the roof ONCE, if needed, and apply Roof-A-Cide® every 2 years. Since Roof-A-Cide® is non-toxic and contains no harsh chemicals, it will not damage the landscaping, the roof surface, or the underlying roof membrane.

Roof-A-Cide® is EPA Approved & safe for People, Pets, and Plants! Roof-A-Cide® is the roofers’ choice for stain prevention. It has also been tested and approved by the largest producers of Concrete Tile, Clay Tile, and Asphalt Shingles in the United States including:

  • Monier - Life
  • US Tile
  • GAF
  • Boral
  • Certain Teed
  • Gerard
  • Crown

Roof Cleaning Mistakes & Misconceptions


All our Roof-A-Cide applicators are reputable contractors with years of experience. They are licensed & insured professionals trained in all roof cleaning and stain prevention methods for all types of roofing systems.


There are a steady stream of new names to disguise chlorine based products. Don't fall victim to choosing potentially dangerous harsh chemicals that could destroy your roof and landscaping. Some products may not be intended for roof cleaning at all, so ask questions and find out what exactly is being applied to your roof before signing a contract.


Though roof cleaning may get an instant bright curb appeal, constant cleaning will inevitably damage your roof. When choosing a stain prevention program check with roofing manufactures for recommended products. Read the fine print - are you getting a warranty or a statement saying results will last up to two years? There's a big difference between two years and up to two years.


Different roofing material have specified cleaning directions and compatible cleaning products. Choosing the right contractor that is knowledgeable about your roofing system is imperative. For example, asphalt shingle roof system should NEVER be pressure cleaned. This could remove the granules and compromise the roof's integrity. There are just a handful of compatible cleaning methods available for asphalt shingle and stone coat steel roof systems. Talk with one of our qualified contractors about the appropriate service options for your roof system.

Roof Stain Prevention for Owners & Communities:

  • Safe for the Roof
  • Safe for the Environment
  • Non-Toxic and EPA Approved
  • Manufacturer Approved
  • Written 2 Year Warranty Guaranteed
  • 25 Years of Proven Results!
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